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Description & Specs

Danville has a long tradition of offering fine quality instruments, amps , and accessories at a affordable price .

The Danville RDL Resonator is a harmonious blend of vintage allure and contemporary enhancements. With its resonator cone and distinctive F-hole design, it effortlessly evokes the unmistakable, soulful twang, while the addition of a mini Humbucker with volume and tone controls elevates its sonic capabilities to new heights when connected to an amplifier.

Crafted with a Mahogany body, this resonator guitar delivers a harmoniously balanced tone with remarkable projection. The Mahogany neck and luxurious Rosewood fingerboard ensure a seamless and velvety playing experience, allowing your fingers to glide effortlessly over the strings. From its nostalgic timbre to its smooth playability, the Danville RDL is a resonator guitar that bridges the timeless beauty of the past with the cutting-edge potential of the present, a true masterpiece for musicians seeking soulful expression.

Case sold separate


We are an authorized Danville Music Instrument Dealer. This guitar comes with a full Manufacturers Warranty. Stock pictures shown