Refurbished Guitars

What is a Refurbished Guitar?

These are guitars that are sent directly from the manufacturer to the authorized refurbishing center where they are fully inspected and cleared by a certified technician.

The guitars are sent there for many reasons, including: Cosmetic flaws, Minor repairs & Discontinued or Last Years Models. Most of the Refurbished Guitars and Instruments that we sell have no flaws and no repaires. For any that do, we will describe the flaw or repair in the listing and include a photo if it is visible.

"The actual guitar for sale is shown in the photographs"

All of these guitars come with a new standard factory setup, but may require a small amount of adjustments or fine tuning upon arrival to fit the players personal taste or to offset any normal changes that may occur from transit or climate. Accessories and Manufacturers Warranty are not included unless stated otherwise in the description however, we offer a 30 day warranty/return on every Refurbished Guitar. 

Some of the guitars are given a new serial number and the back of the headstock is lightly stamped "used" or "2nd" by the authorized refurbishing center. This depends on the specific brands policy on Refurbished Guitars.

These guitars are the next best thing to buying new!