VFE Dragon Prototype Distortion Guitar Stomp Box Effects Pedal



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VFE Dragon Prototype Distortion Guitar Stomp Box Effects Pedal

A Prototype used for demo purposes

Most overdrive pedals on the market use the same basic signal flow - bass cut first, then gain stage, followed by a treble cut. The Dragon takes this concept and gives you full control over the frequency response of those bass cut (HPF) and treble cut (LPF) filters. The gain stage architecture I paired with these filters has a high clipping threshold , giving the player greater feel and dynamic control. This dynamic response is perfect for stacking with other pedals - especially high gain distortion & fuzz pedals.

- True bypass with buffered bypass option via internal switch
- Massive amount of boost on tap to push any amp
- Internal trimpot to adjust the compression of the gain stage
- Filters can be 6dB or 12dB for more extreme EQ cuts

Condition: This is a used Pedal in good working condition. Cosmetically it has some dings and scrapes and also two screws missing on the bottom (see pics) Sounds great! Free USPS Priority USA shipping

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