Samick Greg Bennett Design TMJ17CE Blackbird Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar



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The Samick guitar factory has made guitars for well known brands such as Squier, Epiphone, Washburn, Hohner, Silvertone and more. In fact some of the most well crafted and most sought after and desired instruments from these brands were in fact made by Samick. So when it says Samick on the headstock rest assured that the quality and craftsmanship stand up against any other import brand on the market but at a lower price.

New ideas in the guitar business are few and far between. As players, we really like our tradition; very little has changed in the last fifty years. Occasionally, however, a guitar comes along with the potential to become a true classic.​​​​​​​

The visual power of the BLACKBIRD™ comes from its sheer simplicity. Black on the black body and binding, make the abalone trim pop out without seeming overwhelming. The simple pearl blocks add to the drama. The Blackbird is clearly a stage guitar, so the solid spruce top, combined with the maple sides and back, is a perfect pairing. The solid spruce top provides the power and tone, while maintaining clarity and definition. The maple sides and back enhance the balance and definition, while limiting the potential for feedback.


This instrument is in excellent near mint condition played for testing purposes only. The authorized technicians found no issues and it has little to no play wear. It looks, plays and sounds great! The actual item for sale is shown in the photographs

Unlike most refurbished guitars that we sell as described under more info below, this guitar does not have a "used" or "2nd" stamp and it still has its original Serial Numbers.

More Info: We are an authorized dealer for brand approved manufacturer refurbished instruments. These guitars are sent directly from the manufacturer to the authorized refurbishing center where they are fully inspected and cleared by a certified technician. The guitars are sent there for many reasons, including: cosmetic flaws, minor repairs & discontinued or last years models. Most of the guitars are given a new serial number and the back of the headstock is lightly stamped "used" or "2nd" by the authorized refurbishing center. All of our guitars come with a new professional setup, but may require a small amount of adjustments or fine tuning upon arrival to fit the players personal taste or to offset any normal changes that may occur from transit or climate. These guitars are the next best thing to buying new!