Samick COBRA BASS 4 String Electric Bass Guitar



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The Samick COBRA BASS maintains the style integrity of the line in a design package that is not at all conventional. It also employs a neck through the body construction style that gives the bass incredible kick.The sides of the body are literally bonded onto the neck, which runs from the top of the headstock to the bottom of the body.
The bridge is mounted on the neck. This style makes for extreme power and clarity.


    Double cutaway sculpted, bound, ash body
    Mahogany neck-through-body
    Rosewood fingerboard
    Die cast tuners
    High mass stop tailpiece
    2 high grade active single coil pickups
    Case: Sold separately


    When this guitar arrived at the refurbishing center the authorized technician found no issues with the guitar. It has no flaws or repairs noted. Otherwise, It is in like new mint condition played for testing purposes only.

    Unlike most refurbished guitars that we sell as described under more info below, this guitar does not have a "used" or "2nd" stamp and it still has its original Serial Numbers.

    More Info: This is a refurbished instrument. These guitars are sent directly from the manufacturer to the authorized refurbishing center where they are fully inspected and cleared by a certified technician. The guitars are sent there for many reasons, including: Cosmetic flaws, Minor repairs & Discontinued or Last Years Models.

    Most of the Instruments that we sell have no flaws or repairs. For any that do, we will describe the flaw or repair in the listing and include a photo if it is visible. Item specifics may very from stock description. "The actual guitar for sale is shown in the photographs"

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