Modtone MTM-CB Booster Guitar Stomp Box Effects Pedal





Modtone MTM-CB Booster Guitar Stomp Box Effects Pedal

The Mini-Mod Booster works by maximizing the volume of your amp without adding distortion or changing your tone. The Booster is a miniature version of the ModTone Pro series Clean Boost, offering up to 25db of boost without adding any grit to the signal chain. The Booster is perfect for lead solos, boosting acoustic instruments or just improving the overall tone of a guitar. Use the Mini-Mod Booster in the loop or in front of the amp and kick your tone to that next level.


• Level Knob controls the amount of boost • -18dBu Nominal Input Level
• Tone Knob controls the EQ • 1M§Ù Input Impedance
• Wedge shaped small footprint • +5dBu Nominal Output Level
• All True Bypass • 1 K§Ù Output Impedance
• Bright Red LED • 9v battery powered
• All Metal Chassis • 9vDC power inlet
• High quality jacks • 4 1/32” x 2 ¼”(top) x 1 1/4" (bottom) x 1 5/8”
• High impact switch • ModTone 5 Year Warranty
• 10 mA current draw



We are an Authorized Dealer. This is a new Pedal with full warranty. Stock Pictures shown.