Modtone MT-HT Harmonic Tremor Tremelo Guitar Stomp Box Effects Pedal





Modtone MT-HT Harmonic Tremor Tremelo Guitar Stomp Box Pedal

The Harmonic Tremor Tremolo is one of the hidden gems in the ModTone line. Designed to emulate the lush tremolo found on old tube amps, the Harmonic Tremor can go from a subtle wave to an all out pulsating effect without signal drop or degrading noise. The Wave knob can take you from that amp-like tremolo to an extreme square wave tremolo with the twist of your hand. Dial in the pedal using the flashing LED light that responds to the rate of the pulse. The ModTone Harmonic Tremor Tremolo has all the features to be the perfect tremolo for you.


• Rate Knob controls tremolo speed • High impact switch
• Wave Knob controls wave shape • 20 mA current draw
• Depth Knob controls tremolo depth • -18dBu Nominal Input Level
• Thick Pulsating Tremolo • 1M§Ù Input Impedance
• Led Flashes For Pulse Time • -18dBu Nominal Output Level
• Light Seas To Choppy Waves • 1 K§Ù Output Impedance
• Based On Vintage Amp Tremolos • 9v battery powered
• All True Bypass • 9vDC power inlet
• Bright Blue LED • 4 5/16¡± x 2 ¨ù¡± x 1 3/16¡±
• All Metal Chassis • ModTone 5 Year Warranty
• High quality jacks


We are an Authorized Dealer. This is a new Pedal with full warranty. Stock Pictures shown.