Ibanez GRG70QA Quilted Black Electric Guitar





Ibanez GRG70QA Quilted Black Electric Guitar

The GRG70QA Electric Guitar is an irresistible bargain from Ibanez, featuring the playability and set-up of their more expensive instruments, but at a rock bottom price. It's all about the neck and this guitar gets a super-fast one made from a single piece of maple with a flat radiused rosewood fingerboard.

The poplar body with quilted art grain top is gorgeous, and a trio of pickups gives you tons of tones. Powerful Ibanez-designed pickups provide plenty of output and are perfect for getting overdriven sounds. The GRG70QA is also equipped with a Std. tremolo bridge that'll inspire you while keeping everything in tune.


Poplar body with quilted art grain top
1-piece maple neck with rosewood fretboard
Powerful Ibanez-designed pickups HSH configuration
Standard tremolo bridge
Case sold separately

    Original Retail Price (msrp) - $449.99

    This is a refurbished instrument. These guitars are sent directly from the manufacturer to the authorized refurbishing center where they are fully inspected and cleared by a certified technician. The guitars are sent there for many reasons, including: Cosmetic flaws, Minor repairs & Discontinued Models.

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    Condition: : The authorized technician found no issues with the guitar. It has no flaws or repairs noted. Otherwise, it is in like new mint condition. Save Big!