Gibson Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster Strat VooDoo Child Electric Guitar Case "Rare"



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What we have here is an original Gibson x Authentic Hendrix VooDoo Child Stratocaster case made by TKL. If you do some homework online you will quickly understand why this is a rare case.

It was made for a guitar that never went into full production. We only received a small quantity of these and there was only a small limited number made. All are in original Plastic bags. You can alter the foam inside slightly to fit a basic strat but it was really made for a specific Gibson guitar and is more of a collectors peace. 

We must sell these as used. It has been sitting in a box in a plastic bag for over 10 years but it is in like new condition. All of them look identical so stock pics shown.

Sold as is. 30 day return if item arrives damaged or mis described.