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Description & Specs

Cordovox series Pedals are made from stainless steel case and with mirror surface treatment which is beautiful and elegant. Every pedal of Cordovox series adopts the WIMA capacitance from Germany which is fast speed and low loss, with pure timbre. Besides, all the Tonefancier pedals use high-quality metal sealed potentiometer, which work in the dust-free environment to ensure the long-life run.

Don't let the name fool you the DS-8 is by no means a mouse. Using a combination of a high-quality American chipset and classic circuitry to create a round, thick tone with lots of clarity. This pedal will make your guitar stand out. Equipped with 3 modes, each mode offers a unique sound by clipping different diodes in the pedal. You will get a smooth and natural sound from the Normal mode, a higher output, and thicker sound can be expected from the Turbo mode, while the max mode will produce a more solid and dense tone.


  • Controls: Volume, Filter, Distortion. Distortion mode toggle switch

  • German WIMA capacitors
  • Super bright LED
  • True Bypass design
  • Sealed, dustproof metal pots, for long life.
  • The power adapter and battery are not included.


We are an Authorized Dealer. This is a new Pedal with full warranty. Stock pictures shown.